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SynQ is a 3D emulation tool that provides analysis of the entire OSI stack, including high-fidelity physical layer analysis. This ability to do virtual networking is both cost-effective and practical in planning and evaluating wired or wireless networks.

SynQ combines the power of STK and QualNet into a user-friendly, seamless integration program. This tool merges the continuous calculations of STK with the discrete, event-driven system of QualNet. The combination of these two tools’ capabilities into SynQ results in a realistic simulation of live ground, air, and space-based systems.

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3D visualization of network topology

SynQ provides users with the ability to simulate and visualize a network in 3D.

Choices in physical layer calculations (use STK or QualNet)

Users can utilize STK's high fidelity physical layer calculations. This allows users to calculate a network's bit-error rate, signal-to-noise ratio, antenna gain, and access or closure.

Complete analysis of the OSI stack

Users can conduct analysis of the entire OSI stack by taking advantage of STK's great physical layer calculations, and QualNet's ability to calculate the other six layers of the protocol stack.

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